Police remind citizens to Lock, Take, Hide during the holiday season

policeThe Northeast Texas Auto Theft Task, Auto Burglary Theft Prevention Authority along with Paris Police Department, Reno Police Department, and the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office would like to take this opportunity to remind citizens of the dangers of leaving the vehicles and other property unsecure during the holiday season.

Leaving your property unsecured is dangerous any time of the year, but is especially important right now. The holiday seasons are such a busy time of the year for many people, and many of us forget to do the simple things like locking our cars doors.

Vehicle burglary is one of the easiest crimes to prevent, yet it is still one of the most prolific crimes committed locally. Remember to LOCK your car, TAKE your keys and HIDE your belongings.

It has been proven time and time again that most car burglars are simply taking what people leave unsecured and readily available to them. If we all take a couple of seconds when we leave our vehicles unattended, whether at home or out shopping, to do three simple things; Secure, your car, Don’t leave your keys in the vehicle or ignition, and Conceal or remove your valuables maybe we could get a head start on putting the car burglars out of business.

Paris Police responded to 109 calls for service and arrested seven persons on December 20, 2012. Five were arrested on class c misdemeanor violations, one for a Class A warrant and one on an emergemcy detention.

J. Skinner’s Paris plant will produce ‘Modern Artisan Baking’ variety of Danish pastries

Shown (clockwise from top left) are top officials of J. Skinner Baking -- Audie Keaton, president; Gary Kyle, vice president of sales and marketing; David Skinner, marketing manager; and James Skinner, chief executive officer. (Photo by Vito Palmisano for Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery)

Shown (clockwise from top left) are top officials of J. Skinner Baking — Audie Keaton, president; Gary Kyle, vice president of sales and marketing; David Skinner, marketing manager; and James Skinner, chief executive officer. (Photo by Vito Palmisano for Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery)


Here, from the company website — www.skinnerbaking.com – is the product line of J. Skinner Modern Artisan Baking:


  • Bavarian Dream Danish – More than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough, a Bavarian Crème filling, and finished with chocolate icing.
  • Blueberry Supreme Cheese Danish – A combination of delicious blueberries, creamy cheese, and more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough.
  • Caramel Nut Delight Danish – Caramel icing and rich walnut crumbles on top of more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough.
  • Harvest Apple Danish – The taste of apples, sweet brown sugar, a hint of cinnamon, and more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough.
  • Heavenly Cheese Danish – A European-style Danish, made from more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough, with a cheese blend filling and sweet white icing drizzles.
  • Really Raspberry Danish – More than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough, an over-the-top raspberry filling, and sweet white icing.
  • Sensational Strawberry Cheese Danish – More than 100 layers of European-style Danish dough topped with a combination of strawberries and blended cheeses.

DANISH RINGS (Traditional Classic Recipe):

  • Awesome Almond Danish – More than 100 layers of European-style Danish dough, swirled through with a blend of rich almond ganache, topped with almond slices and icing drizzles.
  • Caramel Apple Addiction Danish – Smooth, creamy caramel, tree-ripened apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough.
  • Cheese Bliss Danish – White icing drizzles, a creamy cheese filling, and more than 100 layers of European-style Danish dough.
  • Wildly Pecan Danish – A European-style Danish made from more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough, drizzled with sweet icing and topped with rich pecan crumbles.


  • Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls – An authentic 100-layer Danish twirled with cinnamon and brown sugar, smothered with sweet, American Neufchatel cheese icing.
  • Nutty Caramel Sticky Buns – The ooey, gooey flavor combination everyone goes nuts over – a 100-layer European-style Danish topped with golden pecan crumbles and caramel drizzles.
  • Sinfully Cinnamon Rolls – An authentic 100-layer Danish twirled with Korintji cinnamon and brown sugar, drizzled with sweet, American Neufchatel cheese icing.

SWEET ROLLS (European Style – Old World Recipe):

  • Cinnamon Craver’s Rolls – Authentic two-step sweet dough, twirled with cinnamon and topped with light, sweet icing.
  • Raspberry & Cheese Supreme Combo Pack – Why choose between sweet, luscious raspberry and dreamy cheese fillings. Now you can have both, and our delicious sweet dough in the same package.
  • Ultimate Cheese Rolls – An American Neufchatel cheese blend filling, sweet dough, and just the right amount of sweet, white icing.


  • Blissfully Blueberry Muffins – Made with the highest percentage of blueberries per muffin possible based on baking science. That’s double the amount of the average blueberry muffin. Topped with crystallized sugar.
  • Chocolate Rush Muffins – A flood of chocolate courtesy of Dutch cocoa is paired with chocolate liquor for unmatched moistness. Contains a higher quotient of chocolate chips than any other brand on the market.
  • Corniest Corn Muffins – Constructed from choice ground corn with whole eggs, then topped with cornmeal for extra durability when dipping in chili bowls or sapping up savory BBQ. Perfect on their own and for breakfast, too.
  • Creamy Carrot Top Muffins – Baked with whole eggs, grated crisp carrots, fresh raisins and sweet pineapple pieces. Topped with a dollop of cream cheese and crystallized sugar sprinkles. A great anytime snack for entertaining or dessert.
  • Mind-Blowing Banana Nut Muffins –To a foundation of real banana puree is added fresh whole eggs and a generous amount of flavorful nutritious U.S. No. 1 walnuts found in every bite.


  • Autumn Pumpkin Spice Danish – A sweetly captivating combination of delicious pumpkins, spices, cream cheese and more than 100 layers of authentic Danish cheese.
  • Butterscotch Bon Bon Danish – Rich butterscotch and more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough.
  • Chocolate Bananarama Danish – More than 100 layers of European-style Danish dough, bananas, rich chocolate icing and a yellow streusel topping.
  • Merry Cranberry Danish – A sweetly captivating combination of delicious cranberries, cinnamon and more than 100 layers of authentic Danish dough.
  • Orchard Orange Marmalade Danish – A sweet citrus filling, streusel crumbles, and more than 100 layers of European-style Danish dough.
  • Very Berry Crunch Danish – Delicious raspberry, blueberry and blackberry fillings, sweet icing, granola crumbles and more than 100 layers of European-style Danish dough.


City residents say J. Skinner Modern Artisan Bakery expansion into city is ‘a Christmas present for Paris!’


Here is a cross-section of reaction from people at Thursday’s news conference announcing the decision by J. Skinner Modern Artisan Baking of Omaha, Neb., to locate a plant in Paris in the former Sara Lee Bakery:

Laura Skinner:  We’re real happy. This will give us the opportunity to show what we have. We’re very excited about it.

Steve Gilbert, PEDC executive director: It’s a big Christmas present for everyone. Through the year and into the mid-part of next year, things will ramp up and start to take shape. I think they’re going to do a lot of remodeling in the facility and get it ready for production. So we kind of just start now.

PJC president Pam Anglin: This is a great day for Paris, Texas – a great Christmas present for all of us. We will be involved in training, a skills development grant, and then PEDC funds are also available for the needed training. We’re excited about it and look forward to working with them to identify what types of training the employees will need.

Philip Cecil: I think it’s a wonderful happening for our community and for the people here, and we’re just really excited about it. It’s really great.

Joe Kelsey (wearing a Texas A&M cap): I figured something like this was happening, so I was working in the area and decided to come out and see exactly what. It was what I expected – that somebody was going to use this facility and become part of the community. It’s great.

Paul Trull: This is not in the PISD’s district, the way the lines were drawn years ago. This is in North Lamar’s district, but just like when Sara Lee was here, we’ll reap the benefit out of it. There will be students attending our schools, and yes, it could result in increased enrollment. It’s a very positive thing for Paris and Lamar County.

Harper Holland: This is fantastic. Anytime you are putting jobs back together in Paris, it’s a good day, right? Especially manufacturing jobs where you’re sending products out and bringing money back home. That’s the way to go. Anyway we can support Skinner, that’s the way our company will go.

City councilman Aaron Jenkins: It’s a very merry Christmas, no doubt about it. This will be very good for Paris and the whole community.

Chad Lindsey: This is great, a great event. Great for the people that live here and great for the people who work here.

Glen Bawcom: Oh, it’s been outstanding. A great day for Paris. You can’t beat it. Great addition to the community, a lot of wonderful jobs. It’s just going to have a great economic impact on the community.

City councilman Matt Frierson: This is a big day. There are a lot of people who have put in a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication to this. To have the Skinner family to say this is where they want to be is a real credit to not only the PEDC but the council, the local banks, and to the Skinner family for deciding this is where they want to call home.

Tommy Whitten: I’m very excited. Paris needed this very much. It’s kind of a shot in the arm. It complements what we already have here with Kimberly Clark and Campbell Soup, and this town has really gotten a Christmas present today.










Paris Police Department adult arrests on Thursday, December 21

Paris Police logo.jpgWilliam Ray Blackshear, 32, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Deanna Lee Dobbs, 33, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Failure to Appear (Non-Traffic)

Casey Daniel Healey, 21, Assault Class A

Cedaurius Martez Hill, 21, Motion to Revoke Probation

Shayla Denise Newsome, 30, Running Stop Sign, Violate Promise to Appear

Austin Chase Roberts, 23, Failure to Display DL

J. Skinner Modern Artisan Baking says it’s locating in Paris because of the people, the state, and the available Sara Lee facility

Audie Keaton, president of J. Skinner Bakery, speaks to a Paris crowd at the former Sara Lee bakery during a news conference Thursday afternoon. Shown behind him, from left, are Gov. Rick Perry, Paris mayor Dr. AJ Hashmi, State Rep. George Lavender (R-Texarkana) and Hall of Fame coach Gene Stallings of Paris. (eParisExtra.com photo by Charles Richards)

Audie Keaton, president of J. Skinner Bakery, speaks to a Paris crowd at the former Sara Lee bakery during a news conference Thursday afternoon. Shown behind him, from left, are Gov. Rick Perry, Paris mayor Dr. AJ Hashmi, State Rep. George Lavender (R-Texarkana) and Hall of Fame coach Gene Stallings of Paris. (eParisExtra.com photo by Charles Richards)


(Following is a transcript of remarks by Audie Keaton, president of J.Skinner Modern Artisan Baking, at a 12:30 p.m. news conference Thursday at the former Sara Lee Bakery facility regarding his company’s plans to expand into Paris. Afterward, will be comments by State Rep. George Lavender, R-Texarkana, and then Keaton’s answers to questions from the media.)


Audie Keaton, president of J. Skinner Bakery: Wow. We don’t have these events in Nebraska, I’ll tell you that (laughter).

This has actually been a whirlwind trip for Skinner. Sixteen weeks ago, we came in and toured this facility for the first time. Driving into town, coming down the road, I saw a bumper sticker and it said, “Go Big or Go Home,” and I said “I’m in Texas.”

I’m a Husker boy. We’re in Nebraska. I see Coach Stallings over here. We followed him a long time up in Nebraska. Kind of reminds us a lot of our own Dr. Tom (Tom Osborne, longtime University of Nebraska football coach). Good people, good people. I’m going to learn to be a Texas fan.

Gov. Rick Perry (interrupting): “You mean, “Texas A&M fan.”)

Keaton: (joining in the ensuing laughter) Governor, straighten me out. …

But, anyway, we love to be here. Love to be here in Paris, and there are some things I’d like to tell you. There have been a lot of questions asked me, “Why Paris, Why Paris?”

Because we have been looking for a little over a year and a half. Our facility in Omaha has been running seven days a week, three lines, around the clock, cutting orders. That’s a scary thing to do, but we put a brand out there and it drove there. So we started looking and the question kept coming back, “Audie, why Paris? Audie, why Paris?”

Well, it’s the people, I’ll tell you right now. You heard the governor tell you about the Texas Enterprise Fund, and you heard him talk about Texas competitiveness, and that is all true. It’s a very competitive state. But I’ll tell you, for me, after walking through this plant for four hours, there’s a chalk board in a room above where we are now standing that reads, “On Nov. 11, 2009 at 12 noon, Sara Lee closed these doors – no notice to the people were in this community.”

I’ve had the good fortune to get to know a lot of those people in this community over the last 16 weeks – some amazing people, the Chip Harpers, the Carl Cecils, the Kinky Floyds. From all across this city, people have reached out and welcomed us to the community, and that’s quite an amazing experience.

So why did we choose Paris? We chose it because of the people who here, we chose it because of the State of Texas, and we chose it because of this facility, and we’re looking forward to coming.

I would like to thank Steve Gilbert and the Paris Economic Development Corporation for putting all of this together, I’d like to thank Carl Cecil and all the local bankers for coming together and making this as positive experience, and I’d like to thank the governor for coming forward and helping us with that also.

Now, what’s going to happen with Skinner Baking here in Paris, Texas? Well, I’ll tell you, we’re not your average company. When we come into a community, we participate in the community. We’re going to be a member of this community, we’re going to support it. We’re going to support it through the local college, we’re going to support it through the local community. This brand is going to be painted across this town. It’s a growing brand.

I’ll tell you three years ago, when I made the comment Skinner Baking is going to be as large as Sara Lee, people laughed. Well, I’ll tell you today, they’re not laughing. We have become a serious competitor on the market.

We’ve done that for three reasons: No. 1, we know our customers, we know them well and we have great relations with them. No. 2, we make a quality product. In a world when people don’t make quality products anymore, we make quality, and that’s what we’re about. No. 3 is the outstanding people we surround ourselves with. When you look at Paris, Texas, and what we’re doing here, you bring all that in together. It’s a recipe for success.

I hear about my friends over at Campbell Soup that  have this expansion going on over there, and I’ll tell you what’s going to happen here. We have a commitment to this community. What defines success in this building? Success in this building is when six lines are up and running and we’ve got 900 people working (loud and sustained applause).

I have a reputation in Nebraska for not being a very patient man. That is going to happen. It’s going to happen quickly. Take a snapshot of where we are today and take a snapshot of where we’re going. We’re going to be working over the next 10 weeks to hire a management staff to run this place.

The first week of April, we’ll be moving a vertical integration process with a company in Omaha.  We use millions of pounds of fruit, all that production is going to come into this facility immediately.  On July 1st, we’re going to be open in this facility.  So we’re going to be working with the local community and get that up and running. You couple that with what’s going on with Campbell Soup right now, and Mayor, I think it’s time we need a third lane wrapped around this city (sustained applause).

Thanks again, and I want to say we’ll be reaching out to get to known everybody in the community. Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for having us.


Gov. Rick Perry: Audie, thank you very much, and George Lavender, I’m going to ask George to come up here, and we probably have a project for George now when I heard about transportation infrastructure. So George, you’ve got a little bit of work to do, but that’s how our process works, is that we elect individuals to go to Austin to represent our needs and what have you, to represent the desires of communities. So George is now that person who you have chosen to go and represent you.


State Rep. George Lavender (R-Texarkana): I’ll tell you what, this is exciting, isn’t it? It is so nice to have these kind of things going on in Paris. Paris is on a roll. You know, it’s just about Christmas time, and it just doesn’t get any better than this. What a great turnout. Thank you all for coming today to share your support for this.

You know, this is one of the reasons it happens, because we have great leadership at the state level with Governor Perry. Because of what he has done, including the Enterprise Fund, we are able to attract great industries to Texas. All over the state, we continue to grow, and it’s because we have such great leadership in Austin.

Even though I have been representing y’all only a little while, the first thing that really struck me was y’all have great leadership in Paris, you really do. This community sticks together, this community works together, and you have a lot of people – whether it’s economic development people or whether it’s your local government people – that are really doing a great job for you here. And that’s why this is an attractive place to do business and a great place to live. You need to give all of those folks a big hand because they make this happen. (sustained applause.)

This is the second big announcement we’ve had in Paris in recent months, and we don’t want it to be the last, so we want to continue to work. I want to thank you all so much for your support, and I want to thank you all for coming. Thank you so very much. We’ll do everything we can to make y’all successful here. Y’all have a Merry Christmas, and thank you.


Gov. Rick Perry: We’re going to take just a few minutes and open it up for any questions that folks in the media have. And while y’all are thinking about that, Mark Homer, I just want to recognize you and thank you for some of your work back though the years is part of the reason why we’re here today,  so we appreciate your coming out today and continuing to support this community. And,  Judge (Lamar County Judge Chuck Superville), thank you for the work you do as well.


Perry: Now, if those in the media have a question for us, we’ll be happy to attempt to answer them.


Question: Will you be bringing people here from Omaha, or hiring locally?

Keaton: It will be a little bit of both. There will be some people coming in from Omaha, but the value as I said is the community and the people within this community, and that’s really what we’re going to build on.


Question: The building is large enough for six lines? What are you going to start with?

Keaton: I really didn’t want to release what we’re going to sell here, because our competitors are going to be really surprised with what’s coming out of here.


Question: What will the average salary be for the workers here?

Keaton: I believe $35,000 a year.


Question: How much of the current facilities will your company be using?

Keaton: We’re going to be using quite a bit of it – probably about 60 percent. Why reinvent the wheel, they already perfected it here.


Question: What should people do who are interest in getting jobs here?

Keaton: I’ll be working with Pam (PJC president Pam Anglin) on that. One of the things that has really been beneficial working with the governor is the tremendous amount of money that will be coming in through the local college to develop, that through the state.


Question: Will you also be using other companies in the community?

Keaton: That is correct. We will be buying Paris and buying Texas, absolutely.


Question: Will you be looking to employ workers who have already worked in the pastry industry:

Keaton: Absolutely.


Question: How many shifts a day?

Keaton: This will be a full-time, around-the-clock plant. Our goal right now, there is only one goal: and that is to put six lines in this facility and run it two lines a day. What the time frame is on that right now, I cannot tell you, but I will tell you we will accomplish it.